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Sitmar is an Italian company for mobile telecommunications, offering broadband Internet services over satellite links to individuals, businesses, sea craft and aircraft.

Established in 2006, it is part of an international group operating in satellite telecommunications for over twenty years, Broadband today is absolutely vital for effective, proactive connections with the rest of the world; SITMAR offers the latest generation of satellite systems and services, and one of the highest quality standards.

Internet for individuals and businesses, complex networks, customized applications, video services, Wi-Fi distribution. Where ADSL cannot get to, where infrastructures are lacking and response times stone age, Sitmar offers instant performance, with the highest speeds and efficiency.

SITMAR is a reseller and integrator of Eutelsat; thanks to Skylogic, the latter has introduced the availability and management of satellite multimedia services over the Internet Protocol in Italy.

SITMAR distributes, sells, and integrates the Eutelsat/Skylogic technology. Our staff offers solutions for integrated infrastructures (Internet connectivity, LANs and VPNs, Wi-Fi signal distribution, VoIP and GSM for mobile users, etc.).

We develop custom connectivity solutions for a broad range of requirements, developing “turnkey” apparatuses, components, and services. We offer the widest possible range of performance for maritime usage: from commercial shipping, private crafts and fleets, to islands, ports, lighthouses, offshore oil platforms, etc. We also offer broadband services to aircraft, private jets, etc. BROAD BAND: Broadband is no longer just connectivity, but a key factor in commercial and territory competitiveness, for business development and the safety of companies.

It is a distinguishing quality and professional indicator of a country. Satellites bring connectivity to areas where ADSL cannot get to.

Wherever you are being, indeed, our company’s motto, is a source of pride for us at Sitmar, because we can set up an infrastructure that suits your requirement in just a few short days. The time to install the dish antenna and to activate the service is all that is required to achieve Internet connectivity.

SITMAR sells and integrates technology from some of major satellite providers, making available and managing satellite multimedia services over the Internet Protocol. Our company provides broad band for individuals and businesses with speeds up to 20 Mbps, supporting complex networks, basic services, and advanced applications: web browsing, standard TV and video and demand, high definition and 3D video streaming, videoconferencing and VoIP telephony, video surveillance, remote storage, Wi-Fi distribution, telemetry and tele-medicine, remote training.

As already stated, the definition of the system is based on a custom connectivity solution, tailored to the customer, fulfilling all requirements. We build “turnkey” apparatuses, components, and services, offering the the widest possible range of performance for terrestrial, mobile, and maritime usage: from commercial shipping, private crafts and fleets, to islands, ports, lighthouses, offshore oil platforms.

In addition, the TooWay 2.0 and Ka-Sat satellite service technologies allow for significant bandwidth on the uplink too, finally making streaming video and audio at affordable prices (when compared to the past) a reality: it is possible to stream live events, or upload videos and news recordings in real time. Broad band is an excellent opportunity for the public and private sector alike to help modernize our country and tear down the digital divide.

Service Highlight

A high performance internet connection for yacht, boats and fleets that can also enable low cost phone call.

Maritime Service

Reliable internet satellite connection for every requirements.

On-Demand Service

With Sitmar Video Surveillance Services you can keep an eye on each site! Prevent bad surprices with a simple remote alert message.


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